Character and Attitude will always take the lead!


According Dr. Myles Munroe, “Leadership is 20% talent, skills, and technical knowledge and 80% attitude”. I find this to be very helpful for all potential leaders of this century irrespective of their fields of interests that “your character and attitude is what takes the lead in your leadership role and you follow them as a true leader”. Poor character and attitude is eventually poor leadership! One of the most common areas where we fail is when we begin to think that genetic make up of a person determines how far he can lead”. Unfortunately, most followers do not know that they can also become leaders because to them, leadership is confined to an “assumed” category of people who have authority or social prestige as their background pillows. Wait and get this; We have church leaders preaching about marriage and they themselves are getting divorced; lack of character! We have choir masters composing songs about morality, but they themselves are defiling the young girls in the choirs; lack of character! We have young men and women being humble and co-operative in relationship, but getting bitter over petty issues just after marriage; lack of good attitude! We have skillful people, talented and equipped to do something; but it’s not done and done well because they go to work lately; lack of good attitude! We have teachers who teach very wisely, monitor studies and give all the bests that their students could need; but they demand sexual affairs from ladies to give them higher marks in their examinations! So do we call these people true leaders just because their bank accounts are fat? Do we refer to them as true leaders because they have grey hairs and perhaps they were born in the chief’s palace? Leadership is built in pure virtues; not voice! All these are factors that should keep reminding us that “leadership is not bound to occupation of positions”, but leading people by taking the lead, You can take the lead with a bad reputation; Good character and good attitudes lead you as you lead people! Be a true leader!

-Israelmore Ayivor



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Seven (7) things all leaders should learn

Leadership is not restricted to positions of authority or stature and can, in fact, be practiced by individuals acting within their sphere of influence without being labeled as leaders. Once a time you may find yourself in situation that can only be solved with leadership skills and failure of these may make you lose that opportunity. Follow these seven (7) lessons carefully and you will see how awesome it is to act as a leader of your own!

L- Listen to Learn- Leaders who listen to learn understand that true listening employs consistent eye contact, facing the speaker, avoiding distractions and waiting until the speaker is finished before responding. Listen to the plights of your followers and respond promptly

E- Empathize with Emotions- This entails aligning the leader’s personal feelings with those they are in contact with without letting sympathy for the other person cause a loss of objectivity. Sympathize when necessary and let it be known how you feel about your followers’ circumstances.

A- Attend to Aspirations- Personal goals should be acknowledged and encouraged in order for aspirations to thrive in a positive climate. A leader must dream big and it takes dreams and aspirations to differentiate those who exist from those who are just making a living.

D- Diagnose and Detail– A leader must have the skills to diagnose and detail the facts in any conversation in order to avoid wrong assumptions and undesirable conclusions.

E- Engage for good Ends- Leadership entails selecting the right course of action in planning, decision making, and business practice to help bring the best overall results for the company while adhering to ethical standards.

R- Respond with Respectfulness- Respectful leaders honor the worth and dignity of individuals, are sensitive to power differences, and resolve conflicts with honesty and patience.

S- Speak with Specificity- Speaking reveals leadership skills as well as the personal power and sphere of influence one has in an organization. Be specific and consistent in your speech.


~ Israelmore Ayivor

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Top Six (6) Qualities of a great L.E.A.D.E.R.

“The DUNAMIS God put in you can only work by ‘prayer’ and prayer can only work by ‘faith’ and faith can only work by ‘action’; therefore, pray, have faith and take action because whatever you were born to do, you were equipped to do it!” ~ an Excerpt from the book DUNAMIS, A DYNAMIC POWER TO CAUSE CHANGE. Visit for more books by the same author and speaker.

Leadership is a state comprising a mixture of knowledge, values, attitude, skills and behaviour used to manage a disposition or a situation. Depending on the management level of the individual in the said state, we could have successful leaders and unsuccessful leaders respectively.

In one way or the other, I may say everyone is a leader because situations do crop up in our lives day in day out and we apply some of these leadership skills to solve them carefully unawares. It therefore means that you must not be voted into power or appointed to manage a firm before you are called a leader. Everyone mindful of creating a family through marriage needs leadership qualities to rule his or her home and this. To do this, one must start branding him or herself each and every moment so as not to be taken by surprise or found wanted when situations arise and they need to intervene skillfully.
The following and some other more are the top qualities that make you a perfect leader;

To be loyal means to show consistency and firmness in one’s support for a person, organization, country or anywhere applicable. The quality in loyalty is that, it makes you serve with kindheartedness. Loyalty creates rooms for acceptance, good personal relationship and self-respect, all which are needed in leadership. Inconsistency in leadership is a very bad attitude and can lead to repeated failure.
 To excel means to be very good at something, performing exceptionally well there. Excellent people make efforts to attain the peak of their pursuits through what they know, think about and do. Mediocrity on the other side is to accept the average as the ultimate. Leadership position in a group demands a division of labour. For instance, at a firm, we have someone as a porter, another person entrusted with publicity issue, someone also concerned about administration, etc. Excellence in that state therefore means that you can do very well at the very post you find yourself and you can do better than anyone who might step in that shoe. A good leader does best where he finds him/herself.

To be assertive means to be confident and passionate. The role of assertiveness in role performance is that it the leader face difficult situations with courage. In quest of managing multiple priorities, an assertive leader delegates effectively and supervises perfectly. Melancholy has no room in the mansions of a leader endowed with assertiveness. A leader with this quality can fail though because of risk taking, but through failure, he learns from mistakes and this contributes to the resultant excellence.
A person is said to be dedicated when he devotes him/herself to a particular task, subject or goal to fulfill a purpose. Dedication and loyalty go hand-in-hand; loyalty provides the platform where dedication demonstrates. A committed leader invests time, money and talent into what becomes a success as last. In the presence of dedication, it is very difficult to give up. Giving up is an indication of defeat, and winners are normal people who have not been defeated at last. Personal dedication takes its source from the love for work and the purpose being pursued.
To be an example is to create and show a pattern of what you expect another person to show or create. All leader are models and every model is expected to teach through action, behaviour and speech. A leader must therefore have the quality of being first what he wanted his followers to be. There is no need being a pretender or a hypocrite in leadership. A good father teaches his children through his actions and likewise a good mother because every little step taken by these models would surely surface in the children. A good leader thus does what he preaches.

 Every step we take brings us a consequence, whether desirable or unwanted. The whole scenario is like cultivation where every seed yields a fruit of its own species. A good leader must be fully aware of this: – this is knowledge. Wisdom which is another premier quality comes into play when the leader applies this knowledge to prepare, plan, promote and pursue projects that will lead to the fulfillment of purposeful results. A result-conscious leader is focused on an outcome and generates skills to let this happen. If it will be by delegation or in terms of resources management to meet expected goals, he does it perfectly. A result-conscious leader does not sit down in order to celebrate a success that is expected to arrive by chance.
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