Character and Attitude will always take the lead!


According Dr. Myles Munroe, “Leadership is 20% talent, skills, and technical knowledge and 80% attitude”. I find this to be very helpful for all potential leaders of this century irrespective of their fields of interests that “your character and attitude is what takes the lead in your leadership role and you follow them as a true leader”. Poor character and attitude is eventually poor leadership! One of the most common areas where we fail is when we begin to think that genetic make up of a person determines how far he can lead”. Unfortunately, most followers do not know that they can also become leaders because to them, leadership is confined to an “assumed” category of people who have authority or social prestige as their background pillows. Wait and get this; We have church leaders preaching about marriage and they themselves are getting divorced; lack of character! We have choir masters composing songs about morality, but they themselves are defiling the young girls in the choirs; lack of character! We have young men and women being humble and co-operative in relationship, but getting bitter over petty issues just after marriage; lack of good attitude! We have skillful people, talented and equipped to do something; but it’s not done and done well because they go to work lately; lack of good attitude! We have teachers who teach very wisely, monitor studies and give all the bests that their students could need; but they demand sexual affairs from ladies to give them higher marks in their examinations! So do we call these people true leaders just because their bank accounts are fat? Do we refer to them as true leaders because they have grey hairs and perhaps they were born in the chief’s palace? Leadership is built in pure virtues; not voice! All these are factors that should keep reminding us that “leadership is not bound to occupation of positions”, but leading people by taking the lead, You can take the lead with a bad reputation; Good character and good attitudes lead you as you lead people! Be a true leader!

-Israelmore Ayivor



Billions of dreams die off every year. I believe yours will not be part of that proportion! This book was written purposefully to safeguard the dreams we have about the future everyday and make them become realities. Before a dream can mature and manifest itself as real, a lot of loaded efforts come into play! This book “Shaping the dream” is a major contribution to inspirational literature, that …exposes the action plans to take when you have a dream and want to see it actualized! This book provides you with the knowledge you need to create make you an achiever! In “Shaping the dream”, you will discover 101 thought provoking principles that will guide you to make your dreams become realities with emphasis on attitude building, personal branding and time management among others.

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