Don’t joke with your talents!


It has become a common thing for many young talented Africans to channel their God-given talents into useless products that fail to thrive over time.

I listened to a very sweet musical compilation last year and was very impressed by the effects of the music… it was a nice, sweet and impressive song but compiled with a wrong intention! ….guess the word content; it reads… “Eco Ecomini… Eco Ecomini… Ecomini Ecomini Ecomini Ecomini. madam Speaker Ecomini”. Such a song was compiled with the intention of mocking a president who went “breaking the lingual pot”. Inasmuch as that seemed to be a comedy to some, I agree no one is immune to “a slip of tongue”; and presidents are no exceptions. But my concern is that the time, the electrical energy, the thoughts and the investments made into compiling a sweet song to ridicule somebody can be channeled into compiling a sweet gospel music that ridicules satan the enemy of humanity! Most people complain about “dumso dumso” but when the electrical energy comes, they tend to misuse it! 

Great designers go to draw ridiculous images on posters to disfigure and mock others? What do they earn after all? Smiles? Laughter? And that’s all? No! We have to go global, and in doing this, our dreams must not target mocking someone into disgrace but giving hope and life to the entire globe! Africans have great dreams; Africa is a fertile dreamland… The problem we have is “optimization” of those dreams.

Never abuse your dreams. Never waste your “carbohydrate” energy doing what brings no hope and life to people!

Go, shape Africa!

-Israelmore Ayivor


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