Top (10) Biblical Affirmations for all believers.


Posted by Israelmore Ayivor on 30th July 2013.


Whatever you say everyday about yourself carries greater potentials.  These potentials eventually manifest themselves into realities when they obtain the opportunity to land themselves on good soils of your attitude.

“Declare a thing and it will be done”, says the scriptures. It therefore means any negative thing you affirm about yourself consistently also carries a heavy load of garbage that may ruin your destiny. If it is so, them it will be very appreciable for us to keep saying things that will construct in us a great passion to take life with all seriousness and reach the our destined destination, taking hold of what belongs to us.

Below are ten (10) major powerful biblical affirmations that will transform your life through the redemptive power of Christ our Lord and personal Saviour. Keep them on your lips, and you will appreciate the power of positive affirmations!

# 1. He who is in me is greater than He who is in the world!
(1st John 4v4)

My body was taken out of the world and the world taken out of my body. The world by that separation has no influence on whom I am and who I will become any longer.

He that dwells in me is far bigger than he who is in the world. I am a victor because I have an assurance that the Christ in me is a man of victory! Jesus is my true friend because I love Him so much (John 14v21)

I will therefore fear nothing that the world tries to use to intimidate me. I will win in every battle. I am a winner!

# 2. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!
(Philippians 4v13)

My hands and feet were trained and equipped for good works established for me to do before the world begun. I am not saved by work, but for work, and mighty work of course (Eph. 2v9, 10).

I don’t fear what the devil may plan today or tomorrow. I am never afraid of failure because I know I have already succeeded.  I can make it even if others say I can’t. Success is mine, victory is mine, and prosperity is mine.

I am not overcome, but I am an over comer. My strength is renewed from day to day (Isaiah (40v31)

# 3. I am fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God!
(Psalm 139v14)

I love the way I was created. I am unique and no one can ever be like me. I am fashioned in the image of the true God. God put in me the power to do what he purposed for me.

The devil fears me because of who I am. God keeps me in perfect peace because I put my trust in Him (Isaiah 26v3). I have dominion over principalities, sin and every form of transgression. I am a new creation in Christ Jesus.

I am created to be feared by the evil one. I am created to show out the true characters of God. I love who I am!

# 4. I am a child of the light of the Lord almighty!
(1st Thess. 5v5)

I was created, and brought to earth to shine and glorify the name of my creator and King. The love and spirit of Christ in me is the hope of this great glory. Darkness is never my portion.

The light has come into me, so darkness has to fly away. I shine in glory because I am a true child of God, the king of lights. His word is a lamp unto my feet and light unto all my paths (Psalm 119v105). I refuse to quench the light!

The fire will keep burning in me. I will not lose the flames. I will not lose my sweet taste. Because my glory is divine!

# 5. In God I live and move and exist!
(Acts 17v28)

My life is lived in total commitment to Jehovah my creator and kind father. In him I have my life, health and joy. In him I do everything because He is my all and everything forever.

I work out my full salvation as God works in me according to the powers of His purpose for my life (Phil. 2v12-13). In the father of destinies, I exist and because I exist I Him, I will lack nothing! God’s spirit lives in me and opens my eyes.

I open my eyes into the deep truth in the words of God. I worship the father in spirit and in truth!

 #6. I am like a tree planted by the rivers of waters!
(Ps. 1v1-2)

I am secured, I am healthy, I am safe and I am rich. I shall not be in abject poverty because God provides for me! I am an heir to all that belongs to my father Jehovah.

I am experiencing a prosperous life in Jesus Christ. God knows his thoughts concerning my life. His thoughts are prospering me from day to day. Because I feed on the bread of life; I drink from the cup of life too (John 6v57-58)

I shall never wither. I will grow and bear fruits for God. I will blossom and my flowers shall be the symbol of God’s glory!

#7. I am a new person, complete on Christ Jesus!
(2nd Corinthians 5v17)

Every old odd thing in my life is past and gone! I am now a new creature solely prepared for the divine works of God. I shall never stand on my own again. Jesus Christ stands in me.

I do not live in myself again. Jesus Christ lives in me. I am neither afraid of terror or threats. I am not perfect on my own will, but Christ’s blood makes me perfect (Col 3v5). I have the freedom and hope for eternal life in Christ!

I know I am now a different person, purely equipped for divine works. Christ in me is the hope of glory!

#8. I am protected because of the blood!
(John 17v12)

I am able to have a new set of image because of what Christ did on the cross. I was set away from bondage and slavery when Christ shared His precious blood for me (Rom. 6v6)

His resurrection power is my portion. I shall never be entangled again with the yoke of bondage (Gal. 5v1). Satan fears me because I am surrounded by the blood. Christ shaped my humanity with His divinity so that I can live forever.

I am a secured child, fully protected against any harm orchestrated by the evil one!

#9. I am in love with the blood of Jesus!
(Eph. 3v17-19)

I have fallen in love with Jesus. No one can make me betray this love. I am deeply rooted in a pool of love, so amazing! God pours His own love into me by the Holy Spirit (Rom. 5v5).

I give Him the love back by believing in His son, Christ as my Lord and personal saviour! I love the Lord, he first loved me. He is everything I have. He is the way; He is the truth; He is the life! He is the extra-ordinary kings of love!

In His love, I secure my bright future; I redeem my identity because my purpose has been restored to me!

#10. I have Joy in my heart; deep deep down in my heart!
(John 15v8)

My heart is full of joy because of God’s love for me. I will forever be grateful for the word of God that nourishes me! I am satisfied. I am full; I have enough; I am happy. I will rejoice, again I say I will rejoice (Phil 4v4).

My heart is dancing within me because I have found grace in the bosom of the Lord. I am bouncing in the pool of Joy for what Christ did for me. I love the Lord He brought joy into my life!

I will rejoice, I am going to lift my voice to worship and glorify my Lord because He put a new song on my lips!



You are blessed beyond curse!



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