Seven (7) “D” words to avoid in goal setting and execution

“The DUNAMIS God put in you can only work by ‘prayer’ and prayer can only work by ‘faith’ and faith can only work by ‘action’; therefore, pray, have faith and take action because whatever you were born to do, you were equipped to do it!” ~ an Excerpt from the book DUNAMIS, A DYNAMIC POWER TO CAUSE CHANGE. Visit for more books by the same author and speaker.
  1. Devilish goals: These are examples of goals set to serve the devil deliberately or unconsciously! For instance, someone who thoughts of setting goals to become a music star and all the words and character of his music are profane!
  2. Demonic affirmations: Don’t say something negative even if you don’t mean it. The tongue is a source of power. For instance “I will get it by hook or cook”. Let the will of God reign!
  3. Destructive companies: These are made up of folks whose ideas, characters and cultures are detrimental to your fulfillments. Friends easily influence friends, for that matter, when dreaming of becoming somebody great, make friends who can influence you positively!
  4. Detractive activities: Goals demand commitment and anyone who cannot get committed to a goal should not dream of setting one. There are some trivial activities that might try their hands on detracting you, they are destructive!
  5. Disbelieving thoughts: Some people dream and set goals. However, they don’t believe in what they are doing. They are not fully convinced about a successful end and to them, its an “on trial business”; Thus “if I succeed, that is it, if I don’t, no problem”. That attitude will not make you to be committed!
  6. Dirty egos: Once something is desired so strongly, it is highly possible to have it done. Desire could be positive or negative; a dirty ego is called lust. During the period of goal setting and execution, lustful ideations may be set up to draw you back. You must be conscious! Lust after money is rampant; lust after the opposite sex is more rampant!
  7. Deserted tasks: Set goals that can be and will be easily followed. The most wearisome thing to an aspiring achiever is an “unfinished task”. Don’t leave goals half completed; it does not pay you anything! Half job done, they say deserves no pay!

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