Seven (7) “C” words to embrace in goal setting and execution

“The DUNAMIS God put in you can only work by ‘prayer’ and prayer can only work by ‘faith’ and faith can only work by ‘action’; therefore, pray, have faith and take action because whatever you were born to do, you were equipped to do it!” ~ an Excerpt from the book DUNAMIS, A DYNAMIC POWER TO CAUSE CHANGE. Visit for more books by the same author and speaker.
  1. Christ-like goals: Everyone who studies the life history of Christ can testify that all He did was to fulfill His “purpose”; thus what He was sent for! It is however paramount to look for your purpose and let your goals tally!
  2. Committed ego: A positive desire being committed to, is highly achievable! Embrace the character of being committed with determination in all you do!
  3. Conscious conscience: Your conscience should always remind you that all you do must fulfill someone’s errand message!
  4. Courageous start: The way you begin is very necessary. You may begin humbly but let it be courageous.
  5. Continuous progress: This has to do with persistence and by embracing this, you will not leave tasks unfinished
  6. Confident Convictions: Your convictions tell more about what you have internalized and what you internalize should be revealed. Are you confident about your values and choices? By being confident it is highly impossible for someone to set you up for test!
  7. Can-do-Spirit: This is boldness towards what you are convinced to do! It tells more about how you will start when given the chance; whether it will be courageous or not! By being bold it means you believe in what you want to do and by believing, half the job is done!

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