Top ten (10) Steps towards achieving goals

“The DUNAMIS God put in you can only work by ‘prayer’ and prayer can only work by ‘faith’ and faith can only work by ‘action’; therefore, pray, have faith and take action because whatever you were born to do, you were equipped to do it!” ~ an Excerpt from the book DUNAMIS, A DYNAMIC POWER TO CAUSE CHANGE. Visit for more books by the same author and speaker.
  1. Identify your goals through perception and conception. Write these goals in a simple sentence and be conscious of it.
  2. Be cautious of these goals always, read them always, memorize them and value them. It helps renew their viability and potency.
  3. Plan how to step out to work the goals. Identify when and who will help you achieve the goals.
  4. Create a positive mind set that your goal has already been achieved and snap a mind picture of how the success is and how it is being celebrated.
  5. Be aware of opportunities that provide you with the tools to reshape your dreams. Make good use of those opportunities.
  6. Utilize your confidence, courage, creativity, commitment and conscience to stay in focus in times of difficulties.
  7. In time of failure, gather yourself and try again. Failure is an opportunity to let you know that you must try again, but this time round using an alternate approach.
  8. Silence is gold, speech is silver. Go for the gold, not silver. Stop talking too much about your goals. Get into the game and score them.
  9. Listen to advice and counsel from great achievers, avoid those who belittle your ambitions. Stand on the shoulders of giants and you will see farther than them.
  10. Set and observe deadlines. Work out to meet deadlines. Work exceptionally to leave on earth an IMPACT.


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