#1. Plan ahead (How to study effectively and pass your examinations successfuly)


“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” ~ Benjamin Franklin
Case Study:
Melisa arrived in school from the long vacation. She started the term (semester) a long time before realizing they are on the way going to treat 10 topics in Mathematics, 12 topics in Science, 15 topics in Life’s skills and others numberless topic in the other subjects (courses). She was not aware and as a result, she bought small exercise books with the intension of making her notes only to discover in her surprise that the topics are many! She became confused!
Monaliza knew the number of topics in each subject for the next term (semester) on the day they were about to vacate. She therefore informed her father about the number of books she will need. Note books, a drawing board, pens, pencils and other needs were bought and readily available for her even before the term begun. She was never disturbed!

You must Plan Ahead!
A good student must always plans ahead of time. A good studying plan includes having at your disposal all the needed materials that would make your studies easy. A good student spends his/her vacation period to prepare for the term ahead and ensures all plans are done and done well; he/she plans for each academic week during the weekend before. Plans for a day must be well secured the night before.
An intelligent student spends the night putting on paper how he/she is going to spend the next day. He/she ensures that the homework that supposed to be submitted tomorrow is done today. A careless student like Melisa would wake up in the morning and quickly be in haste to finish her homework and may end up solving questions wrongly through stress.
To be an excellent student, you must plan what you will do tomorrow on paper and do it. Check your time table; know the subjects you will be taught at school, the subject you will learn by yourself at home and the time intervals within which you will do all these. You must not wait for the day to break or the resumption of the term before you start thinking of what is to be done. You might end up losing the value of the hours in each day and hence, then number of days in each term goes wasted! Be well prepared with action plans!

What you need:
• A copy of your school time-table
• A copy of your personal time-table
• A booklet to draw the plans
• A list of Topics for the next term
• A good working clock or watch to observe time
Tips for planning ahead
• Always know what is ahead in the next term and use you vacation to plan for it. Consult your teacher for the lessons ahead of you. Don’t be fooled by being ignorance. Ignorance cannot be an excuse for your failure.
• Create a plan for the day; what you will do; what you will not do; where you will be and where you will not be. If you don’t have your own plans, you may end up falling into someone else’s plans. Guess how much good things are there for you in someone’s plans. Not much to enhance your intelligence.
• Plan for what you want to study, the number of hours or minutes you want to be behind the book for each subject, the particular environment you want to use and the subject.
• Remember that your plans must be specific, achievable and linked with time. Depending on the home you come from, the school you attend and the stage of your education (class or form), you can draw realistic plans.
• Be like Monaliza, not Melisa; know and prepare for the future.

By Israelmore Ayivor
Amazon Author
Study for Exams.


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